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98 trd jzx100 chaser

670rwhp e85 @24psi (zero timing of any kind)

engine: CP/carillo pistons/rods

            Titan Motorsports 2jz billet main caps             

            2jz girdle kit (oil pan modified to clear)

            Acl race series bearings

            CNC ported/polished/flow matched head 1J vvti

            Kelford 282/286 cams (shimless bucket conv)

            valve train built to suit 10,000RPM

            6boost hi mount t4 twin scroll (with egts)

            Precision 6466 cea dbb gen2 turbo 

            Hypertune plenum(with fuel rail/80mm tbody)

            Ndt/heat treated/freeze tested oem crank

            40" over oem 1j block xray tested/heat/freeze 

            2J intake valves(+1.3mm)/ +1mm 1j exh valves

            Precision 38mm wategates (screamers)

            ARP L19 head bolts

            Custom 2in1 catch can/coolant overflow

            HKS type r oil cooler/relocation kit

            Greddy 4" drag fmic

            HKS ssqv4 bov

            HKS Hi-power/silent exhaust

            Sard 65deg t'stat

            Blitz type rz racing radiator

            Fluid damper harmonic balancer

            KTS engine torque dampner

            HKS evc6 boost controller

            Toyota yaris coil pack conversion

Ecu:   Haltech Elite 2500

          Haltech canbus expansion (egts)

          Haltech eflex sensor

          Haltech egt sensors

Fuel System: Magnafuel 2500hp methanol rated pump

                      Magnafuel 2500hp rated fuel reg

                      An-8 fuel supply

                      An-6 fuel return

                      Surge tank above main tank with pump

                      Walbro e85 intank lift pump

                      Inline 100/10 micron fuel filters

                      Injector Dynamics 2000cc 


Drivetrain: R154 rebuilt with all marlin crawler billet parts

                  Tomei taa 2way (circuit diff) 

                  Oem tailshaft/drive shafts (for now)

                  NPC billet twin plate clutch(conv to hydraulic)

                  Weld diff/gearbox inserts

                  TRD engine/bearbox/diff mounts

Chassis work: Safety 21 6point bolt in roll cage

                       Cusco oversized sway bars

                       Greddy strut tower bar

                       No name brand boot cage

                       KTS under body brace

                       JIC magic 21/18kg coilovers



500 KW
@ 4,500 RPM


670 NM
@ 4,200 RPM


1,750 kg






type bn body kit, led indicators, stock trd grill/wing/speedo/steeringwheel, respray factory 057 blue white pearl well close enough to it, +20mm front fenders, s2 fog lights


PIONEER- 7" dvd touch screen, prs competition speakers with tweaters *4, 800w 4 channel amp

BLITZ- mirror drive carbon/white, boost/oil pressuer+temp/water temp gauges

AEM- wide band 02 sensor

WELD- cam cover plate-purple


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